Why deal with

ABR  Financial Services

as your Expert Travel Insurance Broker?


Here are the many reasons to do so:

*     Knowledge

                      Awareness of the countless medical conditions and the interaction of each to another.

                      Awareness of medications, their functions and recognizing if something may have been forgotten.

*     Experience

      10 years of personal experience (not cumulative combined with others) specializing in this field.

*     Understanding

                        Individual needs, personalities, situations.

*     Compassion

Being compassionate with all and recognizing those with a multitude of conditions and helping all through the intricate questioning which is so essential to being properly insured.

*     Personalized Service

Home service to those who neither wish to nor can go to the lengths of visiting various providers of travel insurance.  All the legwork is taken out of your hands, with all the products to which ABR has access and can quote you.

*     Variety of Product Lines

Alice Kern, President of ABR, is a licensed Financial Security Advisor by l'Autorité des Marches Financiers (AMF) of Quebec and is an authorized broker for a multitude of different product lines, legally sold in Quebec. Although we are required to be contractually validated, neither Alice Kern, nor ABR, are employed by, financially associated with, nor owned by any other source.  ABR is totally independent representative.


*     Variety of Product Plans

Coverage for almost any and all pre-existing medical conditions, subject to the insurers' stability requirements

                                        Day trip plans

                                        Annual (Multi-trip) Plans

                                        Visitors to Canada Plans

                                        Ex-Patriot Plans

Non-medical Plans: trip cancellation/interruption, baggage insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment

*     Assurance of Quality, Internationally Recognized Insurers

The various insurers which underwrite the plans sold by ABR, are top rate, high quality  insurers with all the necessary requirements mandated by the Canadian Insurance Regulators, as well as the AMF of Quebec.

*     Competitive premiums

With the various product plans, come a full range of premiums, options for deductibles which allow for full coverage while being able to reduce the premium.  The only discount which ABR will offer, is that which is legally authorized by the Insurer/Product Plan.


ABR will research every possible avenue to obtain the maximum protection at the most reasonable/lowest premium.  ABR will not knowingly sell a client a policy for a higher premium, when we know that the same coverage/protection is available at a lower premium from a recognized Canadian Insurer.